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Exit to Quartzsite for cheap gas, there’s not a whole lot else. But every winter its population swells from 600 to over a million –  as an unlikely cross section of snowbirds, crustpunks and libertarians make their annual pilgrimage to live in this "giant parking lot." Some bought into the American Dream and lost everything; others dropped out long ago. Now they’re all neighbors on the same piece of dirt – all trying to live free and not die. ONE ROAD TO QUARTZSITE is an observational portrait of people trying to live outside of the constraints of American society, or to simply escape the winter.

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Winner: Grand Jury Best Feature Doc // Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2022

Winner: Best Veritè Doc // Arizona International Film Festival 2022

Winner: Best Documentary // Chattanooga Film Festival 2022

Winner: Best Documentary Feature // Calgary Underground 2023

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